Monday, February 6, 2012

Planning 2 Birthday Parties

I spent 3 hours, last night, on this website. Trying to get some ideas. My kiddos' birthdays are in a few weeks. About 6 weeks to be honest! And I have absolutely no idea, what kind of party, we're going to have.

I do know, that we'll throw Lauren her own party. And the following weekend, the twins will have theirs. But that's all I know. Last year, Lauren wanted a Cowgirl and Pony party. That just what she got. :) It was really a lot of fun! And we had a cute Barn Animal party for the twins. This year, I'm all out of ideas!

Sals is planning a Sesame Street themed party, for her twins. Such a great idea. Because they LOVE Sesame Street. Me? I have no ideas. AT ALL!!! Lauren has no specific ideas either. Last year, she knew months ahead of time. This year, she just wants a strawberry cake with whipped cream. :)

Do you have any ideas? We'd welcome any suggestions! Any! To be 100% honest, I'm leaning towards a ballerina or dress up party for Lauren. She's big into both of those areas. And I think that she'd enjoy it. For the twins...I have no idea. What kind of party can I throw my sweet babies?


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