Monday, February 28, 2011

Peacefully Hooked

This is Sarah. From Eternity and Beyond. One of my new favorite blogs! No lie. I've been reading for about a month.

Sarah sometimes posts her "Outfit of the Day." Which is one of my favorite posts of hers. I really do like this necklace! Too bad I can't find one like it. If you've seen one, let me know!

This is Sarah and her hubby. They are "Newlyweds." And darn cute if you ask me! Just look at them.

This is honestly one of my favorite pictures, from her blog. It reminds me a lot of a picture, that my bridesmaids and I took, on my wedding day.

Sarah is also very crafty. Look at this cute cowl she made. I just adore the color! So fun. And it looks so warm and comfy!

This is one of my favorites! I wish I could make one for myself. I think it would be extra special to crochet it myself.

And these hats, they'd be perfect for the twins. I could just see them all bundled up to play in the snow! :)

These booties also melt my heart. I'd honestly love to buy the pattern for them. Oh, it just makes me smile thinking of them!

So go check out Sarah's blog! It is so super cute! And I really do love reading her new posts. I feel like we'd be friends if we ever met. She's just a very "down-to-Earth" kind of person.


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