Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Abby's Baby

Since I told you about Lauren and Robbie's favorite Christmas presents, I wanted to show you Abby's. Funny how she is just "Over the Moon" about this little dolly! I just love "baby's" hair. :)

Abby got this doll from her Godmother (Nana) for Christmas. This cuddle-y dolly is just Abby's favorite thing ever! She has to have her baby with her at all times. To sleep, to go in the car, to go everywhere and anywhere that we go!

My little girl is a very simple gal. I'm thinking that she is already so much like her Nana. Easy going, loving, and just 100% incredible! My favorite, is to watch Abby with her baby. She gives her lots and lots of loves. Plenty of sloppy, "baby kisses." And just tons and tons of big 'ol hugs!

It's funny how different, yet similar our kiddos are. I really enjoy spending this time with them. Watching them grow and love. And just seeing them play. They love each other. And they are all so independent of one another. It's really amazing! Thanks Lola for Abby's present. I'm sure that Abby's baby will be with us for a very, very long time!


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