Monday, January 17, 2011

Lauren's Doll House

All Lauren talked about for months, was a doll house. She has one, at my parents' house. She has one at my in-laws house. But not at home. For months, leading up to Christmas, it's all that was on her mind. It was the only thing she wanted from Santa. The ONLY thing on her list!

This is what Santa brought Lauren for Christmas. And she was so EXCITED! It's like the "Doll House of a Little Girl's Dreams!" No lie. My little one is just in love! The little doll house has already provided hours and hours of playtime for Lauren.

She has already had a few play dates with Maribel. And they have enjoyed this beautiful doll house. Can you tell that I enjoy it too? Would it be horrible if I played with it, when Lauren is sleeping? I never had such an amazing toy.

We didn't spoil our kids for Christmas. We did buy them gifts. But we didn't go "overboard." But Billy and I tried to buy all 3 of our kids something that they'd love. A bigger present than we'd usually buy. But something special.

I know without a doubt, Lauren is super excited over her present. And I'm really glad. I feel like she's given up a lot since we've had the twins. Especially time. But also in what we give her. So it's really nice to give Lauren something that she really wanted. And yes, she has 2 doll houses. But those were given to her by her grandparents/Godparents. And they're at their homes. So this was a perfect gift for my little girl!


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