Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's 5!

Dear Lauren,

Happy 5th Birthday! Sweet girl, where has time gone! I still remember you, being in my belly. Kicking and fluttering about. Kicking, when your Daddy asked nicely. And here you are. All grown up. 5 years old, and in school!

The day you were born, was so special. The time, that the 3 of us spent together, was some of the sweetest time. When you took your Mommy and Daddy's hearts. And you've had them, ever since. :)

Lauren, you've taught us so much. About love. And family. You've shown us the world, in a different light. You've softened your Daddy. And taught your Mommy. You Sweet Girl, made us a family. Something, that we will cherish, all our lives!

All those months, when you were growing inside me, I wanted to meet you. We both did. We imagined, what life would be like. But we could never have imagined, just how amazing, our lives would become! How you alone, would change our lives, so very much!

Today you are 5 years old! So big. And special. The most cuddly, soft spoken, loving little girl. Smart as a whistle! With the biggest heart. We are blessed! All of us! You have taught your Mommy and Daddy, how to be a Mommy and Daddy. To love, in such a different, and amazing ways. And no one, is a better big sister!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We hope that God continues to bless you. To continue, to grow in your heart, and soul. To show you, the good in life. And to help you, to achieve all of your dreams. We LOVE you, more than words can say! Happy 5th Birthday Lauren!!!

~Love, Mommy and Daddy

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