Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Costumes

It's October 1st. Halloween is at the end of this month. And somehow, we've managed to get our kids' Halloween costumes! Can you believe that? I think it's nuts! But we somehow managed that. I'm so happy! And our kids are going to looks so cute!

Robbie is going to be a cow! Yes, a cow! Billy and I decided to dress up the twins as farm animals. And Billy picked out Robbie's costume. I think it's too adorable! And Robbie just looked too cute when we tried it on him. :)

When I seen this pink bunny, I knew that Abby was going to be a bunny. I just died when I saw this costume! And Abby looks adorable. She really like looking at herself in the mirror. We left her in the costume for about an hour. Because she was so mesmerized with the mirror! :)

And our big girl Lauren, she picked out Alice. From Alice in Wonderland. Mostly because Lola bought her the story book for her birthday. Since, Lauren has been mesmerized by the story! I know she is going to look so cute!!!

What do you think? I think my kids are going to look too cute! And unlike many years in the past, we're going to be home for Halloween. So I'm pretty excited! I think the kids will enjoy trick or treating. And my parents are pretty excited about spending the evening with us!


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