Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about booties late. Not the kind that my twins were wearing a few months ago. No. Booties like in this picture.

I read a post on Lola's blog recently. And it just made me smile. There are so many different styles of booties. Sandals, peep toed, and just little boot type. But I need to schedule in an hour or so of shopping time. That means Billy is going to be on "Daddy Duty." He really does enjoy hanging out with our kids.

And honestly, I couldn't imagine trying to shop for shoes with my 3 kids. They're not bad. But twins and a 3 year old...ya, I need some time away. I really like #4 on this picture. And I've seen some other styles that I like. I just need to go shopping!


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