Saturday, November 20, 2010

Precious Toys

Two of our favorite toys for the twins are fun, cuddly, and colorful! Both Abby and Robbie have 1 of each. It was the way my baby brother wanted it. Yes, it was!

This is the updated version of the "Gloworm." My favorite toy as a little girl. These are little seahorses. And my twins love them! Not only do they hold hands with each other when they sleep, but they hold their seahorses with their other hand. So cute! Robbie has the blue one. And Abby has the pinkish, purple one. :)

These little monkeys are great too! My brother sent one for Abby and one for Robbie. It made "tummy time" much more pleasant. And helped when the twins started crawling. What a great little toy!

Thank you Baby Brother! Your niece and nephew love their toys. Sorry that your big sis took so long to say Thank you. But we really have been having a lot of fun. I can't wait until you can come home for a visit. And you get to play with the twins.


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