Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crochet Bear Hair Clips...Yes Please!

My beautiful baby girl, is all grown up. And adjusting perfectly, to school. I think the easy transition, is because Lauren is going to school with her best friend, Maribel. They're even in the same class! I on the other hand, I'm not adjusting as well.

That means, I'm trying to keep busy. Being that my daughter is in school from 7:15AM-2:15PM, every day! The twins, well they still nap for 2+ hours a day. So I'm going a little crazy. That means, I'm trying to expand my crafting. So I took to my dear friend, Google. :)

Aren't these absolutely adorable? I'm not exactly sure what they're "real use" is. Mostly because, I couldn't find the source. And this picture, is as far as I got. But it got me thinking. Lauren has to wear a uniform to school. But they're allowed to wear cute accessories, shoes, etc. I want to try and make these. And turn them into hair clips!

Don't you think that will be cute? She wears bows, hair clips, or a headband every day. I think these little bears will be perfect! I might have to call Lola. You know, to help me out. I wonder if Lola can figure it out, just with this picture. I sure hope so!


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