Monday, December 19, 2011

Illegal Length Mascara

I have to say, I'm a sucker for a new mascara. But a few weeks ago, even I surprised myself. Why? I'd been hearing a lot of stuff, about Maybelline's new mascara. So when my little box showed up, I was over the moon! What did I find inside? This little beauty...

I'm not a big "lengthening mascara," type of girl. No. I'm more about the volume! Give me some big lashes please. :) But when I'm doing makeup for clients, there is sometimes, a need for lengthening mascaras.

Illegal Length is not just your normal mascara. Nope! It has fibers in the formula. Which is supposed to help add length. Hmm. I wondered if this would really work. Or would I have fibers all over my face. I will say this, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only did I try this mascara, I had my sister try it out too! This is much more "up her alley." She insists that her lashes are short. That I got the good lashes of the family! I don't believe her. I just use, many different mascaras, to get the look. A year or so ago, she was devastated, when Maybelline discontinued their lengthening mascara. No lie!

We both tried Illegal Lengths, for 2 or 3 weeks. And we were very surprised. First of all, those fibers, don't shed. Not one bit! I never have fallout. But they do add so much length! I don't worry about smudging, or raccoon eyes. The formula is pretty wet. Which allows for building up the lashes. Without turning into "spider eyes." I'm not a fan of clumpy looking eyelashes.

The wand is similar to that of the Falsies mascara. Except it's straight, not curved like the one in Falsies. The bristles are all angled in different directions. Which allows the wand to grab at your eyelashes. This is helpful during application. Because you can manipulate your eyelashes. Making them look as though, you've curled them. When you haven't!

Illegal Length is a really great buy for your money. It's a good mascara. Similar to many of the "High end" mascaras, currently going for $25 a tube! This is one of those products, that I didn't have too high of hopes for. But it has completely shocked me! In a GREAT way. I'll keep a tube for myself. For my bottom lashes. And you'll definitely find a tube in my case!


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