Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congratulations to Familia Mexicana!!!

I just have to smile. My friends had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I was watching their 2 younger daughters. Selena is due about the same time I am. Lauren and Maribel are just 2 days apart. And it looks as though our due dates are again, within a few days of on another!

We see each other everyday, Monday-Friday. The girls are in dance together. Either I take them, or Selena does. It is a little ways from where we live. Carpooling is ideal of us. And it gives us each a little break.

Selena is always joking with me because I am definitely showing. And started showing pretty early. I am slim. But I was pretty quick to show. Then we found out we were expecting twins. That explained a lot.

David, Selena's husband wants a boy. They have 3 beautiful little girls. Selena was very happy with the 3 girls. But David really wanted a boy. He continued to talk to Selena, and they agreed to try once more. David is praying for a little boy. Not that he doesn't love his girls. Because he is such a great dad. But he really wants a boy. We laughed when we heard Selena tell him she would name the baby if it was a boy. After David. But he has to come up with a girl's name. Because she can't think of another girl's name that starts off Mar...

On Monday, I noticed Selena had a sizable bump. We joked about it. But she said she just woke up on Sunday with a bump. That really does happen. One day, you aren't showing. The next, well you know you are pregnant! She was a little nervous though. I could tell.

Lola, our good friend (aka T-Lo) was scheduled to do their ultrasound on Friday. She happened to run into Selena earlier this week. And made a joke that they were having twins. Selena just laughed it off. But she asked me about it. I really didn't know what to say. I am not an expert. That's Lola's job.

Yesterday, they had their ultrasound. And baby, oh baby, they are expecting twins! Lola happened to hear or see something. And the doctor confirmed it. David was so excited when they came to pick up the girls. He said his chances of having a boy have doubled now! What an excited daddy he is!

I'm very happy for them. I think Selena is slightly in shock. But I know I was when I found out our happy news. Maybe there is something in the water. Either way, our twins are due in March. And we are all over the moon for these special additions!


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