Monday, May 10, 2010

A Package

We got a big package in the mail today. So big, the big mail truck came to deliver it. I was surprised. I didn't think Billy had ordered anything. And I knew I hadn't. So I had the mailman put it in the front entry.

I figured, when Billy got home, we'd figure it out. It turned out to be a package from my in-laws. Loaded with gifts! For all of our kids. Lauren was so excited. I don't know if she was more happy over her cowboy boots, or her new doll carriage. I'm thinking this one won out. Being that she's been pushing around all her dolls around the house. I can hear her from the time Billy gets up in the morning, until we tell her it's bedtime.

Who would have thought? She really does love this toy!. And to my in-laws, thanks so much for everything! I promise I'm getting pictures out. I'm just a little slow. But the twins look adorable in all their new western clothes. :)


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