Friday, July 23, 2010

Lauren's Makeup Chair

I'm a very lucky lady! Billy had Lola design my makeup room and bathroom, after Lauren was born. And we were still in TX. It's beautiful! And perfect. In every way. It's a bordeaux style room. Pink, black, and white. Gorgeous! With everything cute and girly.

She thought of everything. The vanity, the storage, comfy chairs, beautiful decor, the most beautiful color! It's amazing. And I've loved it for all these years. But now that Lauren is getting bigger, she likes being in there more and more. She likes to watch me get ready. And likes to watch when I work with Lola.

So I've been on a mission to find Lauren a chair. Something that matched the room. But was comfy for my little girl. And I found the perfect chair. When I was talking to Billy about this chair, he suggested that I buy a couple. H told me that he'd place the order. And he bought 6! 3 for my Makeup Room. And 3 for my closet.

There was a perfect space to put them in. And now, I can have my girls in my Makeup Room and my closet with me. And if my friends are over, and we're just hanging out, we have enough seating. And they are so comfy!

I know it might seem excessive. Especially at $200 a piece. But my Makeup Room is large. And so is my closet. Lauren and I enjoy playing in mommy's things. And when my friends come over, lots of times we just like to dress up. And have fun. So these chairs are going to be perfect!


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