Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Forever 21!

Forever 21, I love your clothes! I really do. But sometimes, you're just behind the ball. Like with your maternity line. Oh, I wish it would have come out a year ago!

But your kids clothes, I just LOVE them! You just need to have smaller sizes! My stylish princess wants to shop with me in your store. But your smallest size is a girls 6. A BIG disappointment to my 3 year old daughter. Because look at these dresses...

This pretty blue play dress. With pockets!

Who doesn't love a white dress with fun details?

And this dress...why don't they have it in my size? I LOVE the colors! And how summery it feels. :)

So cute and ladylike!

Honestly, the details on this dress are adorable!

Yes, I know. I shouldn't want my little girl to grow fast. Well faster than she is. But I have to agree with Lauren, these are adorable dresses. Let's not talk about the entire line. Because everything is perfect for Lauren! I just wish they carried her size...3T.


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