Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Exciting News!

Now that our families know our news, it is time to tell our friends. On Friday, we found out we are having twins! Yes, TWINS! OK, so the picture maybe a little deceiving, we don't know yet if they are boys, girls, or a boy and a girl. We will find out next week whether they are fraternal or identical. Sometime between 18-20 weeks, we will find out the babies gender.

We are so excited! All of our families are excited too! Lola was just too happy on Friday. I know that she has been bursting at the seams to tell everyone. So have we! Lauren is happy to know she is getting 2 babies now. This also answers my question, "Why am I already so big?" My belly popped a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I have been showing. I know I am slim, but this explains a lot! I guess I also have to change my label from Baby to Twin Babies. We are excited to meet out twins. Just 28 weeks to go!


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