Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a Wonderful Day to Shop!

Today we are going shopping in the heart of my hometown. A small resort town in the mountains. My in-laws came in from Texas late yesterday afternoon. I have to say, I am very excited! Lauren was just so excited to see all of her grandparents!

We had made these plans a while ago. But we weren't completely sure if it was all going to workout the way we had planned. Luckily it did. Tonight, we are having a nice dinner at our cabin. The good news will finally be shared! Billy and I are so excited. Lauren has been really good about keeping our secret. She understands it, but she understands we have to keep a secret until tonight.

The guys will be working on the property. Billy has been building a work space for himself. And they are going to be working on it today. Although, rain is in the air. I wonder how far they are going to get. The girls, well we are going shopping. First, we are going to the Craft Fair. It should be fun! Then we are headed to all the little shops. Mom has been wanting to buy some new clothes. Honestly, I need some bigger clothes. Yes, I wear regular clothes during my pregnancy. I just buy larger ones. Mom tailors them for me. My mom-in-law is also excited. There is a cooking shop that she likes to shop at. She has been wanting to stock up on some of the fun kitchen accessories that they have!

Today is going to be so much fun! Hopefully the rain holds out until after our shopping spree. If not, a little water never hurt anyone. Lauren is super excited to go to the toy store. She got some money from her grandpas last night. She has been wanting this doll at the toy store. And all it's little accessories. I think the toy store will have to be our first stop!


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