Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wonderful News!

We got some pretty great news yesterday. But we are going to wait a bit to tell everyone on here. There are some very important people that need to know first! Lola knows, because she was there when we found out. Sorry about being so cryptic. We just need to talk to some important people in our lives first.

For now, we are headed to visit my parents. It should be a nice weekend. There is rain in the forecast, but not too much. Mom and I already have some plans to go shopping. I just hope the crowds aren't too bad. Because it is a holiday and my hometown is a bit of a resort town, it usually gets flooded with people over a holiday weekend.

In any case, we are excited about heading to the mountains. We only have a few short weeks before the snow begins. And when it starts snowing out this way, our trips become less frequent. Until then, we will make a couple of more trips. And love every single one!


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