Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I went by Lola's today. I needed to drop off some stuff, that Billy needed to give her, before their rehearsal tonight. And going up the walkway, Lola has the most beautiful plants. With the sweetest smell. I just had to know what they were. Turns out, they are Gardenias. And she has 5, maybe more.

Now I know why I liked them so much. That is one of my favorite scents. I just never had seen them in plant form. You know, in the dirt. Well, I am in love. And on the search for some of these gorgeous little plants. Between the dark green leaves and the flawless white flowers, they are gems in nature. I also can't get over the sweet smell. It was not overbearing, just present. I really would like a couple of these to plant around our patio!


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