Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flowers That I Couldn't Resist!

Recently, I ran into Walgreen's. I had to pick up a few cards. And only had 5 minutes to spare. It's literally blocks from Lauren's school. So on the way home, my kiddos and I ran in.

My kids are good, about not asking for things. They just know, to not act up. We're lucky. And believe me, I count my lucky stars! But on this trip, I could see Lauren and Abby eyeing these flowers.

After picking some cards, I went in for a closer look. And guess what! They're made out of hair elastics! Actually, they're called "Elasti-Pops." In reality, it's just a piece of cardboard, that 40 hair ties are wrapped around. Which is on a stick. Surrounded with a paper, flower cutout. But the girls were really mesmerized by them.

Being a mom, is a give and take, kind of a deal. My kids were being extra good that day. Lauren didn't even ask for one. But I could tell she wanted one. So I picked up 2. One for each of my girls. And they were all smiles!

Was it practical? Not really. The elastics are too large for my girls. At this point. But it was something cute. And they were on sale, for $2 a piece. I simply couldn't resist! Right now, they are cutely displayed on their dressers.

And in case you were wondering, Robbie was not forgotten! He spotted a truck next to the register. The best $1 I've spent in a LONG time! It hasn't left his little hand in days!


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