Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Project

One of my goals for this year, is to get crafty. To actually, put some of my craft supplies and gear, to use. Good use hopefully! :)

I especially, want to start creating things for my kids. Things that they want. Things they can use. Heck, I have entire files, on our computer, with saved pictures and projects. And I need to actually start working on them. The first that I'm about to attempt, is this cute hair clip.

For the world of me, I can't remember where I saw this picture. I even Googled, "Karma Box." I got nothing! But I know that this project looked pretty easy at the time. My daughters are in love, with all things Hello Kitty. And have I told you, they won't leave the house, without some type of ribbon, bow, or hair clip.

I have my felt, some clips, and embroidery thread. I'm ready. I've never attempted something like this, but I'm very excited! Lauren has already asked me, if I can make Hello Kitty clips, in different colors. Because she'd like to wear them to school! :) I guess, I should get started! What other projects would you suggest for me?


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