Friday, January 20, 2012

New in 2012: Crafting with Felt

One of the things that I've always loved, is crafts involving felt. Before I even got pregnant with Lauren, I used to Google felt crafts. And I would just stare, at all the beautiful pictures. Reading tutorials for hours and hours.

When I was pregnant with Lauren, we moved to Texas. To the family Ranch. Near the end of my pregnancy. Right before we left, I bought a bunch of felt, and other craft supplies. I had all these big plans. But I never got to them.

Over the last, almost 6 years, I've bought so many cute hair bows, hair clips, headbands, and other items made out of felt. And you know what, it just makes me want to craft even more! I was pleasantly surprised Monday, when I found my box of supplies. I was cleaning out the closet in our guest room. And there it was. I put it in my office, and knew, I'd come back to it.

Monday night, after the kids were asleep, I took to Google again. And I found some amazing inspiration. Granted, most of it has something to do with Valentine's Day, I want to try these projects. Take a look...

So stinking cute! These hair clips have to be my favorite project! They're similar to some the Lola made for Abby and Lauren. They look so simple to make. And I can just dream up, so many fun color combos. :)

And this cute headband. Just imagine all the fun headbands, that I could make, for Spring and Summer. I've already begin to buy the kids warmer weather clothes. These would make the perfect addition, to all those new dresses. :)

This heart headband, is just too cute! I was thinking of making one for Lauren, Maribel, and a few of our nieces. I might be getting a little ahead of myself. But it's just too cute!

Valentine's Day garland. What more can you say? Isn't this adorable? I think it would look so cute draped over our kitchen windows. :)

How about some gorgeous Valentine's Day wrapping? So simple. But very cute! Now to think of what's going to go inside...

And finally, a little project for me. A fun necklace. I'm thinking more of a soft pink, light grey, and white scheme.

Do you like all of my inspiration? I actually got down to business on Wednesday night. I whipped up some hair clips for my girls. 2 flower ones, and 2 heart ones. I want to try and tackle some headbands this weekend. These projects are so simple. And fast! Can you think up, any other ideas for me to tackle?


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