Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Other End of the Line

Billy and I really enjoy watching movies. I will say, our habits have changed, since becoming parents. We don't really go to the movies much. The movies we want to see, usually aren't what our kids want to see. And when we do go to the movies, it's generally to watch the latest Disney movie.

Since we had Lauren, Billy and I have really built up our movie collection. I won't lie, we just LOVE the $5 bin at Wal-Mart and Target! We buy a few movies, each time we go. But with the holidays and such, we just haven't been watching movies. So our "buys" were starting to stack up.

I decided to pack up a few. When we went to Las Vegas. I figured I could watch a movie, while the band worked. Well, Lola and I decided to watch "The Other End of the Line," one day. While we were getting ready for a show.

This was the cutest movie ever! So sweet. The perfect romantic movie. Something, to just get lost in. And I'm glad, that I watched it with my friend. I just don't think Billy would have enjoyed it, as much as we did. With that being said, I want to watch it again. Hmm, how long will the twins' nap last...


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