Monday, January 30, 2012

Lalaloopsy Sew Cute! Playhouse...and Abby!!!

J is always calling me. Wanting to steal Abby, for a few hours. He's such a wonderful Godfather to her. Honestly, Abby just lights up, when her Godparents are around!

Usually J and Abby just hangout at the Ranch. She always comes home exhausted! Telling me about all the animals, the swimming pool, and the Big Red Barn! J is just like us. And that's what makes him such a great friend!

I'm not going to lie. J has a habit of spoiling Abby. All our kiddos actually. But Abby has a nice stash of toys, at his house. Even in his office. :) But I was shocked to see this playhouse the other day!

I know that Abby is head over heels in love, with all dolls. Dollhouses are the bees knees to her. We've been thinking of buying her, a playhouse for her birthday. But this is a little over the top! Even for my sweet girl. A $170 toy, for my not yet 2 year old daughter. Given to her, by her Godfather, not us.

Yes, she loves it! And is so good about playing in her playhouse. Billy and I sat there, just watching her play. She was so into it! Had absolutely no clue, that we were there! Talking away to herself. Just playing. Sitting her dolls here and there. Having the time of her life! Really? Yes, she was in love!

J reassured us. It's just a special present. He doesn't regularly buy her these types of toys. It's just something they saw, one day, on a trip to the store. And well, he couldn't resist. Yes, my daughter has her Godfather wrapped around her teeny, tiny, little finger!

I felt better, when we were leaving. And she carefully "put away" her playhouse. And picked up her rag doll. The one that J bought her when she was just days old!

But I still have to laugh, when I think about the scene in J's office! You'd think he was a father of 10! We love you J. But you really don't have to spoil Abby so much. I will say this, we appreciate everything you do, especially the way you love our family! :)


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